Athletics play an important role in student life at TCS. A large percentage of our student body participates in sports. We desire to have a successful team that develops sportsmanship and above all honors Christ with our play and our conduct. We are members of the Virginia Association of Christian Athletics, (VACA). We also participate in the Virginia Independent Schools State Athletic Association which holds state tournaments in each sport for Independent schools. We have athletics for our junior and senior high students and also have a Saturday program for elementary students.

Christian School Athletics

JH, JV, Varsity Athletics

TCS is a league member of the Virginia Association of Christian Athletics (VACA) with both the Junior and Senior High teams.

Sports offered include boy’s soccer and girl’s volleyball in the fall. During the winter there is boys and girls basketball and cheerleading. In the spring we have girl’s soccer, boys baseball, and boys golf.

Athletic Director: Charlie Williams, CAA


  • Varsity Boys Soccer: David Nino & Daniel Nino
  • Varsity Girls Soccer: Kellen Jones
  • Varsity Volleyball: Barry Kane
  • Varsity Boys Basketball: JC Sanders & Javaughn Colbert
  • Varsity Girls Basketball: Jay Bridge
  • Varsity Golf: Earl Prince & Vince Woconish
  • Varsity Baseball:  John Hester & Marc Werner
  • Varsity Girls Track & Field: Kenara Hurt
  • JV Volleyball: Kyle Bowman
  • JV Basketball: Chris Thomas
  • Middle School Soccer: John Alley
  • Middle School Volleyball: Melissa Simmons
  • Middle School Boys Basketball: Austin Beecher
  • Middle School Girls Basketball: Kylee Beecher
  • Middle School Girls Soccer: Tina Joyce