Liberty University Scholarship

Liberty University has graciously agreed to partner with Timberlake Christian Schools to offer our graduating seniors the Liberty University Scholarship.

Students who attend 9th through 12th grade at TCS and graduate from TCS with a 2.75 grade-point average, as well as meet other requirements for admission to Liberty University, will receive a 75% tuition discount to attend Liberty University. 

Starting with the class of 2015, Liberty has graciously granted us 20 scholarships to award to our graduating seniors. This averages to 2-3 additional scholarships a year beyond what we currently use and is more than we have ever used before!   

In order to be eligible for the Liberty University Scholarship under the new guidelines, students must:
• attend TCS for all four years of high school and graduate in good standing.
• graduate with a 2.75 overall grade-point average AND
• meet all other requirements for admission to Liberty University

If more than 20 graduating seniors meet these requirements, then scholarships will be awarded to those with the highest GPA first. 

We thank Liberty University for its past and future partnership in the endeavor of Christian education and look forward to the continued success of our mutual goals.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Charlie Williams