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About Us

TCS Online is a virtual online secondary school (7th- 12th Grade) offering fully-accredited classes and electives for public, private, and homeschool students. TCS Online offers a full spectrum of biblically-based, content-rich courses designed to enrich your heart and mind for the glory of God. Courses are taught from a Christian worldview and students are encouraged by what they learn to influence their home, churches, and communities for Christ.

Online courses are taught by certified teachers that can be accessed any time, any where providing student the flexibility to pursue other goals while obtaining a quality education. Let us partner with you as you plan for your student's future!



TCS Online allows a great deal of flexibility for every student. Whether you are seeking to add an elective to your class schedule or trying to catch up credits in order to graduate on time - TCS Online is the fast and efficient way to help students who need to repeat courses or make up missing credits. Students and teachers can track progress at-a-glance. Students can work at their ideal pace and gain a sense of accomplishment upon completion. In “flex” mode, Online Classes can automatically skip the content students already know and prescribes only the materials needed to achieve mastery. The order of units and lessons in any course can be adjusted to match the scope and sequence or address individual learner needs.

College and career readiness is the goal for every student, and TCS Online courses help make that happen. TCS Online offers Career and Technical Education classes that are designed to prepare students for life and work skills that will enhance their employability upon graduation. The innovative courses promote critical thinking, emphasize problem solving, and prepare students to enter the work force with a faith-based education.

  • Progressive, Christian Education with a Biblical Foundation
  • Technology-Rich Learning Management System
  • Divers Course Electives
  • Individualized Student Instruction 
  • Powerful Custom Courses
  • Intuitive Curriculum 
  • Teacher & Parent Approved Flexibility and Progress Reports
  • Reliable Technical Support for Students



If you would like more information regarding enrolling your student in one of our online classes at TCS Online, please click here.



Each online class is $495 per class.